Zoho Phonebridge Integration

Integrate Zoho PhoneBridge for Agent Productivity & Customer Satisfaction

Using Ozonetel’s Readymade CTI Integration

Many of our clients use the Zoho CRM to optimize and enhance the customer experience. Ozonetel’s CloudAgent integrates natively with this popular CRM through Zoho PhoneBridge, giving contact center agents seamless access to the productivity tools they need. Your team can enjoy a full-featured cloud call center inside Zoho including call logging and an agent toolbar. This integrated solution also lets you manage outgoing calls using a variety of dialers (predictive, progressive, and manual).

Learn How Our Integration Enhances Customer Experience & Agent Productivity

Screen Pop Integration

Incoming calls trigger a pop-up on the agent’s screen that enables a personalized greeting for each customer. Agents work within Zoho CRM while accessing all relevant information about the caller’s contact information and making updates based on the conversation.

Advanced Agent Toolbar

Agents can access advanced call controls (Hold, Mute, Transfer, Conference) for timely and accurate resolution of customer queries. Supervisors can monitor agent conversations live and user the “barge-in” function to step-in and offer guidance or manage complex issues.

Automatic Call Logging

Each voice call is tagged with a call description that indicates the nature of the conversation. After a call is completed, the details and recordings are passed back to Zoho for call logging. All calls are tagged with recordings for future reference with no manual work needed.

Optimize Outbound Calls Using Dialers

Our advanced dialers allow sales reps to spend more time researching leads and less time waiting for prospects to pick up the calls. Making more calls per day means more opportunities to close deals. Agents can observe the lead details on the Screen Pop-up page. Outbound calls can be initiated within the Zoho CRM page using the click-to-call functionality.

Using more than one Zoho product?
Our New Zoho Phonebridge 3 Integration allows you to make, receive & automatically log calls across 40+ Zoho Products including Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Recruit.

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New Exclusive Ozonetel Integration Features

2-Way Text Messaging

2-way texting allows responsive engagement with interested prospects.

Inbound SMS gets distributed to the most-idle agent first.

Agents answer messages and carry out conversations from their dashboard as easily as texting.

The dashboard sits within Zoho and opens complete customer history for agents to reference.

Inbound Lead Alert

Ensure every inbound lead form filled on your website receives a response in minutes.

Each time a prospect completes a lead form on your website, our system places an instant, automatic call to your sales representative.

If the agent is not at their desk, the call automatically forwards to their mobile phone.

The agent simply clicks to call the lead.

Integrating Zoho PhoneBridge

How Easy Is This? Integrating your Zoho account with Ozonetel takes about 5 minutes. Download Quick Setup guide.

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Using Zoho PhoneBridge Dialer

Let your sales team focus on strategy and engagement rather than dialing. Our Ozonetel CloudAgent dialer will make calls on the agent’s behalf. When a lead picks up, a call pop is shown to the agent with details about the lead. The agent can then answer the call and add notes to the call, all within Zoho.


The basic flow is:

  • Export your leads from Zoho
  • Import your leads into CloudAgent
  • Start dialer and start making calls.

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