Run a Full-Featured Contact Center within Zendesk

Ticketing solutions like Zendesk work best when agents have the contact center tools they need right on-screen—without toggling between applications. With Ozonetel’s integration, helpdesk teams can handle high call volumes more efficiently and improve first call resolution.

Learn How Our Integration Enhances Customer Experience & Agent Productivity

Personalized Greetings to Callers

Screen pops for incoming calls provide customer information, letting agents welcome each caller with a personalized greeting.

Streamline Call Center Agent Workflows

Agent works within Zendesk software with full access to information about open tickets and the ability to make updates to the customer query while on the call.

Automate Call Logging

Each call is identified with the caller number and fetches details related to that ticket. The system automatically tags calls to tickets.

Improve Agent Productivity for Outbound Calls

Agents can put conversations in context to engage customers more effectively and resolve issues faster. They can observe the caller details on the screen pop up page during the call and initiate outbound calls from within the Zendesk app.

Enable Self Service

Integration of rich APIs between Zendesk and Ozonetel CloudAgent lets callers enter a ticket number on IVR and hear the status without talking to an agent

Access Advanced Features

The IFrame gives agents access to advanced call control features like Hold/Mute/Transfer/Conference directly from the Zendesk interface.

Get Started with Your Zendesk Integration in Minutes!

  • Step 1

    Go to Zendesk Marketplace

  • Step 2

    Install the Ozonetel CloudAgent App

  • Step 3

    After logging into Zendesk, access the CloudAgent interface in the top bar

  • Step 4

    Log into CloudAgent as an Agent and start handling calls.

Boost Contact Center Productivity with Ozonetel’s Monitoring Tool

  • Live “system monitor” to view, monitor, and hear agents speak on a real-time basis
  • Live dashboards to view & monitor key call center metrics including average talk-time, average pick-up time, call connect ratios, etc.
  • Real-time view of call center load for supervisors to provide additional resources to handle peak traffic 
  • Access to over 70 reports to review and improve agent & contact center productivity

Launch a complete contact center today and explore Ozonetel’s readymade Zendesk integration.

Is Ozonetel right for your business? Find out with no cost and no risk.

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