Contact Center AI Enhances Customer Experience and Operational Excellence

Ozonetel’s Contact Center AI solutions help our clients gain competitive advantage and deliver a better brand experience for customers. We are continuously innovating to develop and launch new capabilities like conversational AI. Because we built our full stack from the ground up, the possibilities are limitless.

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Bot Talk Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward

Ozonetel’s AI-enabled Voice Bots Make Conversation Feel Natural

Interactive Speech

Our bot has the unique ability to listen while speaking. If a customer interrupts the bot mid-sentence, it will pause, listen, understand and respond.

Real-Time Processing

Our bot starts processing speech as soon as users start speaking and prepares responses while they speak. Our bots reply the moment your customer stops speaking with no unnatural pauses.

Intent Recognition

Our bot uses natural language processing and is trained to understand colloquialisms. Your customer can speak naturally instead of being restricted to simple “Yes” or “No” responses.

Customers can interact with your voice bots on landlines, mobiles, websites,
and via digital assistants like Alexa and Google Chrome.

Cut call wait times by 10-20%

Make intelligent recommendations and answer FAQs

Eliminate complex navigation menus

Qualify leads and set appointments

Deploy Contact Center AI and Enjoy These Benefits

AI is woven throughout our cloud-based contact center platform to deliver productivity and quality gains for all of our clients.

Efficient Workflows

Assign repetitive tasks to AI for fast, error-free performance. Let your agents spend their time and energy on quality interactions instead of monotonous work that leads to mistakes and frustration.

Effortless Self Service

Shift customer support from traditional website chatbots to the call center without increasing agent workload.

Effective Analysis

No call center team has the hours available to listen back to hundreds or thousands of call recordings. Our AI can review every single call for insights that were previously inaccessible.

See AI at work in your contact center.

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Coming Soon: Introducing the Ozonetel Speech Analytics Dashboard

Evaluate customer sentiment and agent performance in real-time with advanced analytics powered by AI. Discover new ways to improve productivity and customer satisfaction across your entire contact center.

What If You Could Modernize Your Contact Center AND Cut Your Operating Expenses?

We’re proud that our R&D team is able to keep delivering cutting-edge contact center AI at an affordable price for all our customers.

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