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What is Number Masking?

Number masking is a technology used to hide customers’ numbers when agents receive or dial calls to them. Virtual number masking achieves this by automatically assigning virtual or DID numbers to the agent and the customer.

How Does a Number Masking Solution Work?

A Number Masking Solution is an easy way to connect customers with service engineers, drivers, or field agents in a manner that is automatic, private, and secure.

  • 1

    Automatically Initiate

    Our system dynamically assigns virtual phone numbers to your customers and employee.

  • 2

    Securely Connect

    Agents can now receive or dial calls on their mobile phones. The customer number is masked. Calls route via agents device but take place on your call center platform.

  • 3

    Easily Monitor & Track

    Since calls take place on your platform, every call is recorded, can be monitored in real-time, and all call data is logged within the CRM and your call center reports.

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Why Use Ozonetel’s Number Masking Solution?

Number masking ensures that all your customer communications take place within the same platform. Ozonetel gives you a robust platform to support your calls, fail-proof call logging, call recordings and 40+ live and historical reports to track performance.

  • Open APIs let your customize your dial logic.
  • CRM integrations
  • Live call monitoring, call recordings and 40+ reports
  • Trusted by 1500+ businesses across the globe.

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How Businesses Use Our Number Masking Solution

Improve service delivery

Number masking solutions allow customers to speak directly to service engineers. Learn how Kent Ro used this to improve turnaround times.

Read the case study.

Enable compliance for sales teams-on-the-go

Learn how real estate clients use our number masking solution to let sales representatives speak to customers using their mobile phones.

Read the case study.

Ensure better relationship management

Learn how Enterprise Capital uses Virtual numbers to enable customers to contact account managers when they’ve left their desks.

Read the case study.

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What is number masking?

Number masking is a technology that enables you to maintain the secrecy of customers and agents over-call, without affecting the smooth flow of the process.

How to do number masking?

Two-way number masking is easy. Just get in touch with us to set it up within a few hours.

Is call masking necessary?

Revealing a private phone number is a major cause of friction and might also cause safety issues. Getting your phone numbers masked for the same is therefore beneficial.

Does number masking mask both incoming and outgoing calls?

Yes, it does.

What is displayed in the place of an actual contact number?

A temporary masked number is displayed in place of the actual contact number.