Auto-Dialer For Telemarketing

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Telemarketing is tough. But with the right technology, your telemarketers get the ease, speed, and efficiency they need to win. Our auto dialers also ensure real-time reports, advanced call options, and seamless CRM integrations.

We have multiple types of auto dialers to choose from. Choose your dialer based on the number of agents you employ, your database and the product you sell:

  • Predictive Autodialer: – Our Predictive Dialer automatically rules out busy tones, unanswered calls, and voicemail— and connects agents only to live customers. Based on Average Handle Time/Agent Wrap Time, it automatically dials the next set of customers. This reduces agent wait times anywhere from 15- 40 seconds. Your agents are fully engaged, and you can reach a large number of callers. Supervisors can set a pacing ratio to maximize agent productivity, based on agent historical call-handling statistics and wait time. Call-backs are automatically managed too.
  • Progressive dialers: – Progressive dialers automate dialing work similar to predictive but ensure that the agent is available to answer before end prospect answers. The decline in productivity is offset by the improvement in quality. Dropped calls get eliminated and there is no lag between the lead answering a call and your agent getting connected. This kind of dialer can be used when the database is small, or consists of highly qualified leads.
  • Preview dialers: – Leads pop on agents screen automatically. They can preview data before they click to call/skip. Use this when your target is less than 100 calls per day; or when each case is complicated, and your agent needs time to review between calls.

Our autodialer technology is backed by the support of full-featured contact center solutions. This means that you get:

Live Analytics

You get real-time access to call recordings and agent performance metrics from anywhere.

CRM Integration.

Your database automatically updates after every call thanks to our seamless integrations with Zoho, Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, SugarCRM or your custom CRM application.


Automatically scrub your database to comply with telemarketing regulations.

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