Customer Support Solutions

Upgrade Your Customer Support Platform with Ozonetel

Ozonetel’s cloud-based contact center software is designed to grow with our customers. It’s simple to launch for companies setting up their first customer service department. And it’s a seamless transition for organizations seeking to upgrade their existing customer support platform. Either way, our customers count on being up and running in one day with no up-front costs.

Accelerate Customer Satisfaction with Practical Self Service IVR

With a Hosted IVR solution, customers are routed through an automated Interactive Voice Response unit. They can choose their desired service and get help faster than simply waiting in a queue for an available agent.


Customers can easily do the following.

Return items

Check helpdesk ticket status

Book or cancel appointments

Get answers to FAQs

Make Self Service Even Better

With our next generation conversational IVR, callers can speak naturally instead of being restricted to yes or no answers. All voice recordings are converted to text for analysis to improve customer service.

Delight Your Agents with Readymade Integrations

Salesforce | Microsoft Dynamics | Zoho | Zendesk | Freshdesk | Kapture | Lead Squared and More…

CRM and helpdesk integrations are some of the most powerful tools for improving agent satisfaction and productivity.

Agents get automatic real-time access to customer profile information on every call

Immediate insight helps agents resolve issues fast and keep customers happy

Skill-based routing matches agents with customers they can easily assist

No toggling means agents can handle calls from within their CRM window

Auto-logging = fewer hours spent on tedious after call work

Want to learn more about deployment—or talk about custom integrations?

Streamline Operations for Managers with Rich Feature Set

Increase First Call Resolutions | Limit Hold Times | Reduce AHT

Automatic Call Distribution

(ACD) distributes calls, emails, SMS, and social media agents based on customer need and agent capability/availability.

Queue Monitoring

Allows you to manage callers in any of your omnichannel queues and get them to the right agents quickly.

Skill Based Routing

Gives you the option to send customers to the agents who are best equipped to offer efficient, knowledgeable help.

Reporting & Analytics

Provides insight through real-time monitoring and more than 70 different reports for a comprehensive picture of call center operations.

Call Recording

Offers opportunities for improving performance and the quality of response provided to customers.

Barge-In & Call Whisper

Allows supervisors to take the reins or offer additional customer support during complex calls.

How much does it cost? Less than you think.

How much is it worth to improve customer service? A lot.

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