Ozonetel Virtual Receptionist

A Cost-effective, Zero Rental Business Phone System for SMEs

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Quickly Setup Efficient Customer Communications

Instantly organize how your business receives and responds to customer calls with Ozonetel’s Virtual Receptionist: an easy-to-use, cloud-based business phone system.

A virtual attendant greets customers and routes them to the right agent.

The system tracks & logs every call.

Systematically store call recordings.

Scale up or scale down operations with ease

How it Works

Zero Fixed Costs. No hardware or software needed. Get started in minutes.

Choose your Phone Number

Use an existing number or choose from our toll-free and local numbers.

Setup Your IVR

Login and setup your IVR in minutes. Add a menu to route callers to the right department.

Get Started.

That’s it. Agents now answer customer calls on their mobile phones. And you can easily log in to view call reports and recordings.

Why use our Cloud-Based Business Phone Solution?

Capture more business opportunities.

A missed call is a missed business opportunity. With our solution, your customers can connect to agents even if they are not at their desk. If lines are busy, they are kept in the queue. Every call is logged, even those that disconnect in the queue, so you can call back with ease. You can also get SMS alerts on every call that goes unanswered.

Professionally greet and route customers.

You get a virtual receptionist to answer calls and offer callers menu options. Our smart routing logic quickly hunts for a free agent within the department the customer wants to connect with.

No Fixed Costs. Easy to scale.

No infrastructure cost, hardware, or software to purchase. Pay per use, and scale up or scale down the number of users any month.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution You Can Choose

Unlike our competitors who charge 30-40% rentals, Ozonetel offers a zero rental plan. This means that you get the full talk value: No rentals, No hidden costs.

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Key Features

Virtual Receptionist

Greet customers with welcome messages, and offer them menus e.g dial “1” for Sales.

Smart Routing

Set up a call routing logic. Automate which calls should go to which agents and when.


Easily track which call went to which department, and see the status of calls.

Call Recordings

Easily find call recordings to train agents, monitor performance, or resolve conflicts.

Other Features: Virtual Number | Welcome Message | Voice mail | Export / Download Reports| After Office Hours Message | Email/SMS Notifications | Short Code extensions | Extension Dialing | Call Blocking | Offline outbound dialing | Missed call service| Bulk Data Upload

Integrate with SMS and Email

Your staff often need to follow up calls with emails or SMS, with our CloudPBX solution they can do this with ease.

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